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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dr Peter G Kinesa : Marc Faber Blog: JAPAN Another Nauru? -The Japanes...

Dr Peter G Kinesa : Marc Faber Blog: JAPAN Another Nauru? -The Japanes...: Marc Faber Blog: JAPAN Another Nauru? -The Japanese Stocks made a generational low in 2012 and won't go below that To begin with, no...

While the dark economic picture for Japan is clear, the investment picture for the coming months remains murky. Stock markets entertain emotional issues or over-dramatize the slightest nuance and make them a game-changer. Save for trading opportunities, the risks of investing in anything Japanese are considerable. The potential for a sharp decline in asset values when interest rates rise is too much to stomach. Add in the growing physical constraints this nation faces further dampening economic activity puts Japan at the top of our short list.

When you think about it, here's a nation that has been struggling for twenty years for an economic solution - and still with no solid answers to its woes in sight. In all likelihood there are none. So make your money taking this puppy from the penthouse to the doghouse. Bow! Wow!

First Financial Insights
June 15, 2013

From the penthouse to the...