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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Humanity's Insanity - Impossible Growth Mantra

Existence Beyond 2100 Possible?

Do the math and you plainly realize our insanity.

With just 2% population and/or economic growth - every 35 years we double the base figure. In 105 years we would realize "three doubles" or a planet filled then with 58.4 billion humans or economic equivalents thereof - consuming ,depleting degrading and polluting at correlating rates by 2120. Oil consumption or alternative energy equivalents would surpass 700 million barrels a day or 250 billion plus annually. All known reserves today would vanish in about four years.

The current system and civilization is thus mathematically and physically impossible and will transform or collapse in a significant way well before 2100. Avoiding this fate is nearly impossible because the inertia of the system is so great that it would require a yet unimagined counter-force to then create the optimal numbers, usage and structure that could co-exist with the natural constructs for a much longer period.

All this - does not even consider the state of the climate and biosphere that are on perhaps a course with no chance to be reversed by way of counter-forces thereby sealing human fate's certitude. Now think mathematically, about the next 35 years after 2120, when we extrapolate to reach a mind-boggling 116.8 billion folks. 

Enough said...

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