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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BIG IDEAS: Robots Are Replacing Farm Workers...Who's Next?

7 robots that are replacing farm workers around the world

roverThe rover, a bot that herds cattle.University of Sydney
In the future, robots will increasingly replace farm workers, using artificial intelligence to plant, grow and harvest our food.
In fact, many farms are already using fleets of robots, which can tend to fruits and veggies more efficiently than a human can.
Here's a look at seven machines that are currently aiding farmers around the world.

The Wall-Ye prunes vineyards.


French inventor Christophe Millot created an autonomous bot, called the Wall-Ye, that helps to prune and harvest grapes at vineyards. 
Using infrared sensors and scissor-hands, it can detect and snip weak vines as well as monitor the health of the soil and grapes.
Before it can start working, the system is programmed with a map of the vineyard so that it knows where to go.

Washington’s Strategic Defeat: Erdogan Trumps Gulenist Coup
Erdogan was aware of the growing power of the Gulenists and their growing links to Washington.  Erdogan moved decisively  and successfully, to pre-empt the Gulenist power grab by forcing a premature coup.

Green Party Nominee Jill Stein
Stein is now polling at 5%, Clinton at 45%t, Trump at 35% and Libertarian Gary Johnson at 9%.  

An Updated Version Of The “Peak Oil” Story
The attempt by governments to fix the oil shortage problem didn’t really work. Instead, it led to the opposite mismatch from the one we were expecting. We got an oversupply problem–a problem of finding enough space for all our extra supply

Monday, August 15, 2016

ALERT: New Labor Laws Could Drag Down Earnings of Major Franchisers


Some Small-Business Owners Trim Expansion Plans, Cite New Labor Law

Change also could pull franchisers, such as McDonald’s, into local labor disputes

Small-business owners say they are shouldering higher costs and scaling back expansion plans because of a revised federal rule that gives employees more leverage in settling workplace grievances.
The new policy, intended to hold businesses accountable for labor-law violations against people whose working conditions they control but don’t claim as employees, was put in place last year through a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board, which referees workplace disputes and oversees union-organizing elections. The rule, expected to affect fast-food, construction and other industries reliant on contract workers and employees of franchisees, also aims to ensure workers can unionize and collectively bargain with businesses that help control their fates.
Some businesses “want to have active involvement in the determination of terms and conditions of employment and in the direction of the employees at work, but they don’t want to take responsibility for it,” said Richard Griffin, the NLRB’s general counsel.
The policy broadens the circumstances in which two businesses can be counted as employers of the same group of workers, reversing the NLRB’s 30-year-old standard for determining such “joint-employer” status.
The agency is now beginning to rule on a body of test cases that could detail how the standard will apply, but some businesses—particularly those in the franchising industry—have started making decisions based on potential outcomes, underscoring how just the prospect of a regulatory change can impact U.S. workplaces.

Climate Zones Everywhere are on the March Poleward

Big climate-zone movements risk an amazing range of ecological and geophysical damage. A short and incomplete list includes melting glaciers, shrinking sea ice, rising sea levels, stratifying and increasingly anoxic oceans, mass coral bleaching, and habitat loss for species on a global scale.

Staggering 66 million dead trees in California

In many drought-ravaged areas, there’s not been sufficient water for tree roots to siphon. Weakened needle-covered trees are unable to secrete the sticky resin required to fight off bark beetle infestations. Mild winters also don’t kill off as many of the bugs, which burrow beneath bark and into the tree’s soft innards on which their larvae feed.

Carbon Sinks in Crisis
Rainforests are now being hit so hard by a combination of drought and fire that the forest is starting to bleed carbon back. This gigantic and ancient repository of atmospheric carbon appears to have turned into a carbon source.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

EYE on the World - Old Chinese Curse...

Image result for eye on the world

 Stories Going Beyond The Mainstream 


     Old Chinese Curse...  

" May You Live In Interesting Times" 

Why Are We In A Low Growth Global Economy?

We’re in a Low-Growth World. How Did We Get Here?

One central fact about the global economy lurks just beneath the year’s remarkable headlines: Economic growth in advanced nations has been weaker for longer than it has been in the lifetime of most people on earth.
The United States is adding jobs at a healthy clip, as a new report showed Friday, and the unemployment rate is relatively low. But that is happening despite a long-term trend of much lower growth, both in the United States and other advanced nations, than was evident for most of the post-World War II era.
This trend helps explain why incomes have risen so slowly since the turn of the century, especially for those who are not top earners. It is behind the cheap gasoline you put in the car and the ultralow interest rates you earn on your savings. It is crucial to understanding the rise of Donald J. Trump, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, and the rise of populist movements across Europe.
 Read More

GOOD NEWS: Ireland Jails 2008 Meltdown Banksters - "Very Serious Crime"

Unlike US, Ireland Just Sent Three Bankers to Jail for Role in 2008 Crisis

The trio's scheme was a "very serious crime," judge says  

A Dublin court has sent three former senior banking executives to jail for committing "sham transactions" in an effort to deceive customers and shareholders during the 2008 financial crisis.

"The trio will be among the first senior bankers globally to be jailed for their role in the collapse of a bank during the crisis," as Reuters reports.

Former Anglo Irish Bank executive John Bowe got a two-year sentence, former Irish Life and Permanent chief executive Denis Casey was given a sentence of two years and nine months, and Bowe's colleague and former Anglo executive Willie McAteer got three and a half years.

As the Irish Times explains,

REALITY CHECK: What Can Provide "Sustainable Future"? HOW LONG???

People Are Calling Natural Gas a ‘Bridge’ to a Sustainable Future—They’re Wrong  

For America to reach full renewable energy, we need to re-focus our investments — and divest ourselves of some dangerous ideas about natural gas. Natural gas coming out of the ground in Taiwan. (Photo: Naplee12/Wikimedia Commons) It’s been a hot summer, with record-breaking heat in the United States and around the world, and the same can be said for all of 2016 so far. 

According to new reports from National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Goddard Space Institute , 2016 is on course to be the hottest year on record around the globe. That makes 2016 the third year in a row to set a warming record — which should cause us grave concern. Indeed, the severe effects of climate change, including both drought and flooding in some of the poorest countries in the world, will lead to population dislocations that will likely exacerbate many of the dangerous […]

NO WIN: Global Pensions WILL Collapse Under Prolonged Negative Interest Rates

Fears for pensions as gilt yields turn negative

British government bond yields traded in negative territory on Wednesday, compounding fears that a global collapse in government borrowing costs has tipped the UK’s pension industry into a funding crisis. 
The steep fall prompted a former pensions minister to call for a national inquiry into the impact on company pensions of the Bank of England’s new £70bn bond-buying plan, launched to stimulate the economy amid fears of a Brexit-related slowdown.

Ocean Acidification And Temperature Seriously Affects Key Oxygen Source



Rising water temperatures and acidification affect important plankton organism

First laboratory study reveals effects of 2 environmental factors on copepods 

Ocean acidification, rising temperatures, eutrophication and loss of oxygen: Life in the oceans has to cope with a variety of factors. How will plants and animals react when global climate change alters their environment? Laboratory and field experiments, observations at naturally extreme habitats and modelling approaches help researchers to evaluate the reactions of the ecosystem ocean.

Overpopulation Setting Stage For Humanity's Final Chapter 

Can the World Sustain 9 Billion People by 2050?

The world’s population is topsy-turvy, and its exponential and uneven growth could have disastrous consequences if we aren’t ready for it. Humanity recently hit a benchmark, a population of 7.9 billion in2013. It is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, and 9.6 billion by 2050. If that weren’t enough, consider 11.2 billion in 2100. Most of the growth is supposed to come from nine specific countries: India, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, the United States, and Indonesia.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Whom Owns The Gold, Makes The Rules

Give Me Control Of …

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”
Supposedly this is a quote from Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild. Ignore the distinct possibility that he did not make this statement, but let’s assume the concept, if not the quote, is accurate.
The Federal Reserve and other central banks exercise considerable control over our economies via interest rates, debt creation, QE and more. They create massive profits for the financial industry that in turn purchases many politicians and Presidents.
Now expand the concept into other areas and see if the results ring true.
  • Give me control of a nation’s financial systems and I shall own the politicians who make the laws.
Print currencies and buy politicians. Same idea – it is easy!
  • Give me control of the FBI investigators and I can avoid prosecution and indictments.
Hmmmm. There was something in the news about this recently…
  • Give me control of the voting machines and I care not who the voters in the popular election actually wanted.
In Philadelphia in 2012, 59 districts cast 100.0% of their votes for Obama and the voting machines show that not one person cast their vote for Romney. Strange. Amazing. Unusual. It might happen once in the age of the universe, or again this November in Philadelphia. Still, a vote of 19,605 to zero in 59 districts is difficult to believe, even in strongly democratic districts in urban America.
  • Give me control of the DNC and I care not who the primary voters chose.
Hmmmm. Ask Bernie Sanders if he agrees.

Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is a threat to Food and Farms

"This new mega corporation would be the world's biggest seed maker and pesticide company, defying important antitrust protections, giving it unacceptable control over critical aspects of our food supply—undermining consumer choice and the freedom and stability of farmers worldwide."

There is a Green Presidential Candidate - Jill Stein. 

The 66-year-old presumptive nominee, who has presented herself as a third-party alternative to both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, is set to be nominated at her party’s convention in Houston on Saturday.

Clinton: "Destroy Syria for Israel"

A newly-released Hilary Clinton email confirmed that the Obama administration has deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the “best way to help Israel.” In an indication of her murderous nature, Clinton wrote that it was the “right thing” to personally threaten Bashar Assad’s family with death.
Battle of Aleppo Would Have Been Long Over if Not for the US

Russia and the Syrian government have launched a joint large-scale humanitarian relief operation in Aleppo, establishing three corridors for civilians and one for militants wishing to lay down arms,

The storms of the future are here now

"Our atmosphere is changing. We literally do not have the same sort of atmosphere as we did 20 or 100 years ago. A warmer atmosphere is able to hold more water vapor, and that means  the heaviest rainstorms are getting more intense."
Global warming and the future of storms

Hurricanes will become more frequent and more intense

Thursday, August 11, 2016

MELTDOWN WARNING: Sooner Or Later The Inflation Boogeyman Will Return

Bernanke QE 3 - Quantitative Easing 3

Could Inflation Break the Back of the Status Quo?  

Political resistance to the oligarchy's financialization skimming operations will eventually cripple central bank giveaways to the financial sector and corporate oligarchs.

That inflation and interest rates will remain near-zero for a generation is accepted as "obvious" by virtually the entire mainstream media. The reasons for this are equally "obvious": central banks have the power to suppress interest rates indefinitely by creating money out of thin air and using this new cash to buy bonds in unlimited quantities; and the commoditization/ globalization of labor, capital and production has generated a global backdrop of over-capacity and near-zero pricing power.

But suppose for a moment that this confidence in near-zero interest rates and inflation as far as the eye can see is wrong. As I have demonstrated this week,rising interest rates and inflation would break the back of the status quo.
What makes inflation difficult to grasp is its multi-faceted character. Inflation is a monetary dynamic, to be sure, as creating new fiat currency in excess of increasing production / productivity reduces the purchasing power of the currency.
But as I have shown this week, inflation is also one result of cartel capitalism, in which politically powerful cartels can raise prices and reduce quantity and quality without fear of consumers going elsewhere because the cartels have effectively eliminated competition via regulatory capture, lobbying and the immense advantages of unlimited credit from central banks.

Inflation is also tied to the incentives for fraud in our system: lowering quality as a means of Inflation Hidden in Plain Sight increases profits at the expense of consumers who have few means to detect and measure the reduction in the value of what their money buys.
Inflation is also the result of revenue-hungry governments which jack up junk fees, stealth taxes and outright taxes while delivering lower quality services.

UN to Probe Whether Iconic Secretary-General Was Assassinated

Newly­ discovered documents revive claim that Dag Hammarskjold may have been killed by South African agents backed by the CIA. 

False Flags Fluttering in the Empire’s Hot Air

The good news for the US “deep state” is that Blacks in the US can very much accomplish the same function as the refugees do in Europe: they are a vocal, mostly deeply alienated minority, with a great deal of pent-up anger against the rest of society which can very easily be set-off to create riots and commit crimes. It is also rather easy to find a few crazies amongst them to start murdering policemen (the ideal symbol of the oppression) and create a sense of crisis acute enough justify the use of police, National Guard and, potentially, military forces to restore and uphold “law and order”.
The Coming War on China

John Pilger talks about China, Okinawa, and U.S. policy in Asia.

Sugar-Coated Lies: How The Food Lobby Destroys Health

Simply because the food industry is able to resist regulation. The CEO report notes that the food industry has vigorously mobilised to stop vital public health legislation