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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Secrets of Wealth

Listen... do you want to know a secret

Secrets of Wealth

Wisdom of Smart People; Words to Remember

How Many Advisors for Wealth?

There is no doubt that it makes good sense to have a methodology and criteria for selecting a financial advisor. A pretty basic undertaking.

The secret of wealthiest investors worldwide is; however, rarely disclosed to the ordinary investor. That secret derives from a legacy of practical common sense. Internationally, our firm deals only with wealthy individuals outside of Canada. Still, every single global investor we deal with applies this approach to the management of their investments. In fact, we will not accept any client unless the full measure of this strategy is applied. “It is mandatory without exception.”

So what is the common sense approach used by top investors worldwide. Well, it is simple and easy to understand. They all have at least “Three Independent Financial Advisors” That's right; not one, but three.

Why? The reasons are straightforward from a smart business and investment view. They want three VOICES to listen to and be included in their investment decisions. This is smart; as they accept that the world of investments is complex and that no one philosophy is best all of the time. So to counter the risks of a singular approach, three unique professional VOICES are involved in these critical decisions.

They recognized decades ago the wisdom in seeking distinct alternative views. Thus, they did not get financially ruined by events like the 2008 Meltdown, Madoff Scandal or the recent market crash. This approach is intellectually prudent and wise, while it counters the promotional rhetoric of institutions. It is one key reason behind their success and wealth.

Why don't you know? Well, self-evidently it is not in the best interests of advisors and their institutions. NOT IN “THEIR” BEST INTERESTS. So it is unlikely you will ever hear this; from them. And they may perhaps be taking advantage of your lack of knowledge and awareness. Here's the clincher. It costs you no more to have three advisors than one. So you are looking at the same cost, yet for much greater benefit and insight.

What different types of financial advisors do these astute investors employ? From our experience, there are three distinct VOICES they listen to. Over the years we have learned of three unique advisor types: Conventional – the vast majority; Contrarian – maybe 5-10% of advisors; and thirdly, Maverick – rarer; utilizes integrative tactics (Charles Monger) No one style is good on its own, but it is the powerful combination of the three, that generates the best advantage.

There you have it, the most important investment strategy of wealthy investors. This is an approach that should easily align with your intelligence, knowledge and common sense. Every investor is at liberty to copy, research and prove this approach. They would be wise to do so. Very wise indeed…

First Financial Insights Inc.
Toronto ON.
October 15, 2011

Do you promise not to tell?


Monday, October 10, 2011

#OccupyGoldmanSachs or #OGS

***Exclusive Release***

#OccupyGoldmanSachs or #OGS

Who’s on First?  We the People

Comments: Published CAPITAL INSTITUTE, Greenwich, CT

Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge” – Winston Churchill.

Peter what you are saying I believe is right on the money (sic). The younger generation senses with their keen intuition that they are being taken to the cleaners; left with mere scraps from the table. They are right.

As you point out, what they do not understand is how the process is being administered. We do. And in a few short sentences we have the capability to make that process so crystal clear, that "even elected officials" could under understand it. Now that's pretty clear.

What is the Wall St scheme? Simply, it creates counterfeit currencies in the form of hyper abstract instruments that are converted into real money through the banking system to pay outrageous bonuses to the likes of bankers, traders, auditors and other related parties. This process dilutes the US dollar, thereby taxing and destroying the value of pensions, savings and futures of hard working Americans. Now, do you think elected officials could understand that?

One more disgusting thing should be noted. Firms like Goldman Sachs take HUGE short positions in US treasuries to finance this scheme, to pay their billions in bonuses and fees, thus profiting further from the wealth and futures of the citizens that “license” their existence. They are biting the proverbial hand that feeds them. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Still, it is a game they cannot lose. For when combined with the "legitimate grand larceny" of their counterfeit operations that works to also devalue the shorted US treasuries it further assures even more profits for them from the citizens’ pensions, savings and futures. Have to admit this is certainly crafty alchemy that has fooled many people for an awfully long time. However; as I recall, some tall bearded fella once wisely advised that you could not fool them all the time.

Goldman Sachs’ rhetorical bantering with government, regulators and the people is actually a replay of the famous Abbott and Costello skit “Who’s on First” A Goldman Sachs’ training video about  this tactic is provided below:

It is ironic that lessons in a comedy skit have so much insight into more serious matters. Well, Winnie did also remark once “a joke is a very serious thing.”

In the end Peter, one concludes that it is our job to bridge the gap between what the younger generation intuitively understands and what we are capable of explaining in a few short sentences. So that all clearly understand the nature of these schemes and how they act to invisibly tax the wealth and futures of so many people. Then the people are free to judge its morality and whether the schemes serve the greater purposes of a nation or act contrary to their inalienable interests and rights.

Betting odds strongly suggest, for some reason they cannot be fooled all the time…

Who ya gonna call?

First Financial Insights Inc.
Toronto, ON
October 10, 2011


Tricky Blanky? I am not a Thug...

Crown King of America
Blankfein the First

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


...cause we got to get ourselves back to the garden.



A Broken Social Stewardship 
We the Government: For, By and Of Wall Street?

The riots and protests in the Middle East, Europe and America are all inter-connected. The people of these nations share a common plight, in that the powers of the people that were conveyed to those who "were granted the privilege to govern them", was abused to the benefit of a few power elites. They have collectively awakened to the broken social contracts embedded in their respective constitutions, bills of rights and other such declarations intended to harbour the fair, just and open administration of their inalienable rights and welfare.

They have come to realize that the promises of future pensions, safety nets and other common elements of existence can no longer be provided under the constructs of the current dogma. That money, gold and other abstractions will not store value and provide for their future, as these abstractions are absolutely tied to the vanishing wealth and resources of a planet that has been exponentially exploited by the few, to detriment of so many. They have come to understand that the massive consumption encouraged by Keynesian economic assumptions is a form of invisible genocide on generations to come. They have come to understand they have the right to return to the people; the powers that have been abused by those unable or incapable of stewarding their interests.

Astutely or intuitively, they have stormed the Bastilles of Wall Street perhaps not fully understanding what it does, but that somehow sensing it was the source of the broken contract "with" the people. And to some measure they are right. Indeed for these charlatans stole trillions from their pensions, safety nets and other future sources of survival. How? Wall Street and its evil collaborators were simply allowed to create trillions of dollars in counterfeit money (derivatives); then through the banking process (The Fed) convert it into the legitimate currency of their nation. In so doing, Wall Street was watering down the currency and thus stealing from the pensions, savings and safety nets of the hard working people who had entrusted a government to protect them from frauds of such high abstractions.

 See: How it Works? THE WALL STREET GANG

From intense complexities, come intense simplicities. Splitting an atom creates a massive destructive force. Creating derivatives on Wall Street, invisibly steals the wealth and futures of generations to come. (It also encourages the rapid use of planetary resources) Both ideas are clear and simple to understand. Yet, politicians, regulators, and others responsible for the welfare and stewardship of its citizens, did not and do not seem to grasp this simple method of larceny? Sadly, one must conclude; that they too, are part of a grand scheme to sustain Wall St and its related Military Industrial Congressional Complex; at the expense of  "we the people"  A simple scheme that the people, in many nations, are no longer prepared to tolerate...

Whither thou goest?   We're heading down to Yasgur's Farm...

See ya there!

Dr Peter G Kinensa
Chief Economist
First Financial Insights Inc.
Toronto, ON
October 4, 2011


Much to Learn...