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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Economic Eve of Destruction

Fear the history of these times...

Economic Eve of Destruction

Failed Keynesian Conjectures; Brings History to Dangerous Times

Comments published, The Telegraph, October 8, 2011

Keynesian economic theory offers little in the way of remedies for the woes of the banking, monetary and economic issues we now face. More debt or the printing of more money are the old tricks that got us to where we are by pushing yesterdays’ problems into tomorrows. We have run out of tomorrows.

Perhaps now economist will seriously consider the idea that science and physical constraints are relevant to the social speculations founded in their arbitrary contextual mathematics and logic. Somehow it appears that the years of inertia that rests in these age-old abstracts is too comfortable to disturb and will require a greater counterforce of pain to align these theories with reality. It is the implications of this pain that should be feared. Implications being perhaps demonstrated in the ongoing voices of global protest and unrest that could serve to create that necessary counterforce.

If true, then the "course of history is entering a dangerous time" that could have been avoided had economic thinking simply acknowledged the existence of science and physical constraints. Instead, we now wait for an invisible hand to wave magic on these woes to remedy issues that are very real. Such madness should never have entered serious civil discourse, yet it had.

As a result, we should fear the history of these times…

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