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Monday, October 10, 2011

#OccupyGoldmanSachs or #OGS

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#OccupyGoldmanSachs or #OGS

Who’s on First?  We the People

Comments: Published CAPITAL INSTITUTE, Greenwich, CT

Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge” – Winston Churchill.

Peter what you are saying I believe is right on the money (sic). The younger generation senses with their keen intuition that they are being taken to the cleaners; left with mere scraps from the table. They are right.

As you point out, what they do not understand is how the process is being administered. We do. And in a few short sentences we have the capability to make that process so crystal clear, that "even elected officials" could under understand it. Now that's pretty clear.

What is the Wall St scheme? Simply, it creates counterfeit currencies in the form of hyper abstract instruments that are converted into real money through the banking system to pay outrageous bonuses to the likes of bankers, traders, auditors and other related parties. This process dilutes the US dollar, thereby taxing and destroying the value of pensions, savings and futures of hard working Americans. Now, do you think elected officials could understand that?

One more disgusting thing should be noted. Firms like Goldman Sachs take HUGE short positions in US treasuries to finance this scheme, to pay their billions in bonuses and fees, thus profiting further from the wealth and futures of the citizens that “license” their existence. They are biting the proverbial hand that feeds them. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Still, it is a game they cannot lose. For when combined with the "legitimate grand larceny" of their counterfeit operations that works to also devalue the shorted US treasuries it further assures even more profits for them from the citizens’ pensions, savings and futures. Have to admit this is certainly crafty alchemy that has fooled many people for an awfully long time. However; as I recall, some tall bearded fella once wisely advised that you could not fool them all the time.

Goldman Sachs’ rhetorical bantering with government, regulators and the people is actually a replay of the famous Abbott and Costello skit “Who’s on First” A Goldman Sachs’ training video about  this tactic is provided below:

It is ironic that lessons in a comedy skit have so much insight into more serious matters. Well, Winnie did also remark once “a joke is a very serious thing.”

In the end Peter, one concludes that it is our job to bridge the gap between what the younger generation intuitively understands and what we are capable of explaining in a few short sentences. So that all clearly understand the nature of these schemes and how they act to invisibly tax the wealth and futures of so many people. Then the people are free to judge its morality and whether the schemes serve the greater purposes of a nation or act contrary to their inalienable interests and rights.

Betting odds strongly suggest, for some reason they cannot be fooled all the time…

Who ya gonna call?

First Financial Insights Inc.
Toronto, ON
October 10, 2011


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