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Friday, August 2, 2013

GLASNOST and Perestroika? The Paul Krugman Blog - CHAOS LOOMS

Ron, do you remember that remark about the wall ...

GLASNOST and Perestroika? The Paul Krugman Blog - CHAOS LOOMS

The biggest issue. - Paul Krugman, August 1,2013 

One wonders if Americans could actually learn something from the Russians and turn their minds to revitalizing a structure that was designed more than 230 years ago and for which there is growing evidence that it is simply running out of gas - needing a solid update to better reflect the practical needs of the times.

Sadly, China (the competition?) is almost looking to be a structural role model for efficiency of governance and business. At the very least it has conceptual strengths that could be stolen to build better "Comparative Advantages".  A better mousetrap? Centralist approaches and devices such as "A National Business Strategy, Strategic Business Board or Sovereign Funds" seemly have value, that could be studied for application - and who cares what we call its political origins, when it cures a potentially terminal disease?

So welcoming a home-grown “Glasnost" and even combining the morale cleansing of "Perestroika are ideas, suitably re-branded for local markets , that could bring about NOTIONS for remedies and plans to overcome the growing "competitive disadvantage" of stuttering random-walk governance

There are plenty of good folks around to move the ball forward; Mr. Krugman and Mr. Chomsky are top of mind; who could lend a valued hand. Then there is this other experienced chap named Gorby, who may welcome a call for guidance. Imagine that!

Oh well, no harm in wondering...

T. A. McNeil
First Financial Insights

August 1, 2013


Tom, what if we call this idea something like Glasnost?