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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Remind me again - Why such a big rush?

Human Extinction Is Inevitable…

But why get there as soon as possible???

The republished blog by GROWTHBUSTERS, together with our comments dated March 12, 2012, highlight the constraining realities of human existence. Shared beliefs in the mathematical observations and conclusions in the blog, and namely those of the highly regarded physics professor; Dr. Al Bartlett, remain of the   highest importance to the human condition; albeit, they are placed at the lowest level of priority by governing entities reflecting a madness of these authorities, institutions and economists who are collectively placing the future of the human experiment in great short-term peril.

A condition that may or may not be reversible...

As our added comments go on to reflect, it is existentially obvious that extinction is definitely in the cards; it is mathematically and physically impossible to avoid, - But why? But why race towards it with a blind passion when longer more and more sustainable journeys are possible. Clearly there is a dysfunction that exists in human cognition that cannot grasp matters that are so utterly apparent. Matters that will painfully abort our future well before its time and full potential are attained. No greater or grimmer loss can be imagined. None ever.

So again please pay close attention to Dr. Bartlett’s profound observations and conclusions; apply there meanings to your life, our lives and that of future generations. How long we exist remains as an elusive answer for destiny to reveal, but that should not dissuade us from embracing  an integrity, responsibility and positive accountability to sustaining our existence for as long as possible. And perhaps then we may come to know that no further answers are required.

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March 11, 2012
Retired physics professor Al Bartlett (to whom the GrowthBusters  movie was dedicated), is world famous both for his Laws Related to Sustainability and his lecture about exponential growth. Audiences frequently tell me this segment from GrowthBusters is one of the most powerful. Share it with your lab partners (for the experiment we’re starting tomorrow, see below). And share it with everyone who needs to grasp this concept.

We’re one day away from launching our Limits to Growth 40th anniversary campaign. Be sure to check back tomorrow (subscribe to this blog at the right to be sure you don’t miss it). That’s also when you’ll start your exponential growth demonstration/experiment, so be sure you’ve got the supplies ready (see yesterday’s post). You’re invited to share your experiment experience with us as you go along (written comments, photos, even video), so consider chronicling your progress in one or more of these ways.

Exponential growth is an important concept for us all to grasp. Once world leaders and their economic advisors really understand it, public policy will shift in a much wiser and more sustainable direction. Exponential growth is the reason we get curves shaped like hockey sticks. Today’s 1% annual global population growth rate may seem modest to you. But, thanks to the power of compounding, a population growing 1% each year will double in 70 years, quadruple in 140 years, and octuple 70 years after that.

3% Annual Economic Growth

This math frequently comes up when we’re talking about population. But when the subject is economic growth – not so much. In GrowthBusters I point out an economy growing at a fairly typical 3% annual rate will be one billion times its current size in just 720 years. The graphic above shows just the beginning of a curve that turns into the hockey stick from hell.

You can also follow along on facebook as we perform this experiment and honor Limits to Growth on its 40th anniversary.

Dave Gardner
Film maker

Dave Gardner is the director of the new documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked onGrowth, which uncovers the cultural forces that keep us pursuing growth in the face of overwhelming evidence we’ve outgrown the planet.

Reprinted under the conditions of permission provided including required links.  

First Financial Insights Comments – March 12, 2012

The 18th Sustainability Law; while true, could also entail the existential reality, that in all probability, human extinction WILL OCCUR sooner or later. Our collective actions contribute to whether this final event is reached rapidly or slowly
This leads to a philosophical question as to whether the human species roaming this planet for 250,000 or 300 million years really matters against the time clock of infinity and relevance of the universe? Considering further that even 300 million years against such measures may be illustrated as a mere drop in the ocean of time.

For certain many more questions, thoughts and possibilities may be drawn from this assertion of inevitable extinction. And could perhaps go on forever?

First Financial Insights Inc.
Toronto, ON
March 14, 2012

Beyond the shores of the last eternity-