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Monday, November 26, 2012

Jim Rogers, Peter Kinesa, Marc Faber,Nouriel Roubini...

Investors' Insights:
Week Ending November 24, 2012 

"Investors' Insights"

Jimmy that was some lunch you ordered...

Wow! Is Jim reading our blog and list of top recommended business books?

The most important concern that Jim fails to mention is the type of war. Another conventional world war is out of the question for at least two related reasons: One, the naval supply of war materials will be curtailed dramatically in a few days by guided drones and missiles; two, there will not ironically be enough raw materials for an extended war.

So, what type of war will prevail? For the likely answer, we suggest you read "How The End Begins". A link is provided on our recommended book list

First Financial Insights
November 22, 2012

Cripes General, he said lunch...NOT launch!

 Jim Rogers:Communism and Socialism have failed many, many times The issue here is not the labels. Free enterprise, democracy, socialism; ...

We are not going to comment on Peter's words. They provide a succinct logical understanding and statement of the conceptual issues and complexities involved. Thanks Winnie.

First Financial Insights
November 22, 2012

Comrades, forward for the people...

While we do not rejoice when folks start to agree with our views - there is an odd sort of comfort and affirmation that comes when their voices ring out with our past conclusions. Thanks Marc for confirming what we set out a year ago in our blog regarding the collapse of the markets by 2020. Your comments here predict a similar event in the next 5 to 15 years.

Maybe there is a reason why we call ourselves "FIRST FINANCIAL INSIGHTS" beyond this anecdotal affirming forecast provided by Marc Faber. There is more to a name - sometimes.

First Financial Insights
November 21,2012

"Pain...What Pain?"

Not going to repeat ourselves here and refer you to the comments on the Faber Blog posted today. By now, the message is pretty clear.
First Financial Insights
November 20,2012

It's clear to me -

Nouriel Roubini Blog: The Economic Contraction Is Spreading Now To The C... : The economic contraction used to be in the periphery of the...

We think that the good Doctor is setting out the diagnosis. In the end, we still require a cure. That is the hard part.

First Financial Insights
November 20,2012
Dat is mine professional opinion, Schultz

Marc's comments regarding pending scandals and the impeachment of OBAMA are far-fetched. That's being kind. Obviously, Mr. Faber needs to read a little Noam Chomsky to better understand the US socio-political culture. It is not in tea leaves. Moreover, if he thinks America has troubles, then Russia and China are the poster boys of bad stuff. And we mean BAD .

What are they going to do? When they come for you?

First Financial Insights
November 20, 2012

Bad Boys... When they come for you?

And the real problem is they can create these  abstracts forever, causing a monumental future collision between addiction and reality.  Now that's the bartender's rock bottom prognosis . Remember?

First Financial Insights
November 19, 2012

Should have kept my day job...

Numbers and charts in this analysis certainly support view that an economic ice age freezes the Westen economic growth. What this conventional analysis doesn't cover is the physical conditions constrainig the progress. Maybe next time.

First Financial Insights
November 19,2012

Cut off ???