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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eric Sprott, Jim Rogers, Winston Churchill, Peter Kinesa, Marc Faber

Investors' Insights:
Week Ending Febraury 16, 2013

"Investors' Insights"

Dr Peter G Kinesa Blog, February 15, 2013
Article; The Guardian (UK), 

Indeed, there is a gathering storm let them know!

First Financial Insights
February 15, 2013

"Don't Worry Mom - What goes around; Comes Around..."

Can you believe this? Are these people nuts? There is no climate change. We are not overpopulated. The world has enough resources for eternities. No species are going extinct. Glaciers are not melting.  Fresh Water is plentiful.  The global economy is not on the brink of collapse. These are just a few of the misconceptions and lies that these right-wing kooks are promoting.

What next? Mathematics does not exist? The laws of physics are negotiable and may be legislated away? We have supernatural powers?

Funny, the Nazi’s believed in the occult too. There is no doubt that these jug-heads are revisiting Mein Kampf for inspiration, techniques and speeches to stir the vast uneducated masses. To stir their fears with lies, propaganda and rhetorical ideologue.  However, this time the holocaust will go well beyond millions – for the fate of the human race is now at stake along with the lives of billions.  There are no higher stakes.

The mainstream media is restricted in how they may coin and define these sick, twisted and intellectually perverted right-wing think (sic) - tanks. We are not. They are carbon copies of the 1930’s  Brown Shirts that bullied their way into German power. And the world has not forgotten the dangers and sickness that these cowards bring upon an unsuspecting world. Churchill taught us well. We will never forget Winnie’s tenacity, wisdom and superb foresight that saved not only a Great Island Nation- but it also saved a civilization from its untold evils.

So today again, this evil stirs in our midst. Seeks to destroy the civility of our species. To undermine its true progress by destroying the books of science and truth; to serve their sole evil perversions.  
So let them know that on every beachhead of thought, they will find those with a greater will. A greater determination.  An unyielding belief that we will prevail. We will prevail against all adversities. And let them know, that there is no doubt – no doubt at all, that we will win and defeat their lies, censorship and propaganda on every turn. On every word. On every deed.

History has revealed their sicknesses before, so let them know that we understand the hardships we face in defeating the cancer of these think-tanks and their nefarious troops of words and deeds. Let them know, that we see this gathering storm. Let them know, that we will prevail against all adversities – and, win today and all the many days that lie ahead. So, let them know!

An Outraged and Inspired,

Dr Peter G Kinesa
February 15, 2013

A gathering let them know!

Preaching to the converted here Jim; as shortages, not just in fossil fuels, but in many other key non-renewables should see hard commodity prices spike a 1000% plus, in 30 years. Soft commodities will also experience similar lifts as usable farmland is lost to climatic chaos and unfettered development. All of which makes no sense whatsoever, when projected increases in population  range from 2 to 3 billion during this period. Now crunch these numbers. 

That's why we agree, and say that this mess just doesn't pencil out.

First Financial Insights
February 14, 2013

Secrets of Crunching Numbers 

Eric Sprott is interviewed by Greg Hunter of USA WatchDog. Eric discusses how the bond markets has become a farce and that it could col...

When the brightest "independent" investment and economic thinkers are all singing from the same page - well you think that there might be a little more substance over form in their carefully and wisely constructed professional views. We certainly do not ignore the leading chorus of Eric Sprott, Peter Kinesa, Marc Faber and Jimmy Rogers - and, of course, yours truly. One would be foolish not to believe that there is something in the wind and coming soon - and it is not the Easter Bunny.

In short, what all of us are saying is that at any moment bonds could collapse sending the global economy into a New Dark Age. Such is the wisdom of your "Council of Elders."

First Financial Insights
February 13, 2013

"So Eric, Peter and Marc now agree with Jimmy, right?"

Marc believes markets are topping out and points to Apple's 30% decline as to how stocks can rise then fall back again. So short term, he thinks that a 10 to 30% reversal is still in the cards. He points to the sell off that occurred in 1987, when stocks collapsed 40% in two month after a preceding 44% run up.

We concur with Faber, that the risks are high in the short-term, but we know that markets can climb the wall of worry, despite rational fundamentals. It has its own mind; perhaps abetted by the flash- traders dance, thereby becoming more of a casino. However, as there is no strong rational for any long-term positive sentiment, we are biased towards short positions particularly in US Banks, Brokers and Treasuries. Tech companies should also see valuations punished more than the broader market. Facebook and Apple are still high on the list.

The turning point will be the collapse in Bond Market that is long over due, as everyone knows that the inflation figures are being rigged by Washington to keep rates low. This game cannot last, as sooner or later the market sees through such things; albeit the FED can continue to prop it up by printing more money.

These are time to be extra careful. Period

First Financial Insights
February 12, 2013

Funny Money Games: When Seven is Eleven?

Who could dispute Jim's logic on this bet? First, water is the most essential ingredient required by farmers to ensure the delivery of their harvested crops. Our food stock capacities are thus directly tied to  the adequacy of water supplies. Global populations continue to grow at a rate of over 1% a year with no signs of abatement. We are thus annually adding close to 100 million new mouths to feed.

Now at the same time, farmland and water is contracting due to commercialization, climate and polluting elements With each day, farmland and water are thus becoming more vital to the subsistence of global populations. In fact, China is now importing Great Lakes Water from Lake Michigan through Nestles. This is a sure sign that the supply of fresh water has deteriorated to an unacceptable level in a maior industrial nation. "Serious and deeply disconcerting."

So we are on side with Jim here, but the question is how to invest in this critical sector? Not equities for sure, as the levels of global systemic risk are presently much to high, in light of sizable increases in global interest rates, pending. To be short, we return to a buying farm - Jim's top investment pick - with one additional caveat ; just make sure it has an assured supply of water on the property.  

First Financial Insights
Febrauary 10, 2013 

Running on Empty