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Friday, September 9, 2011

Evildoers to Blame

Night of the Living Journal Entries

Evildoers to Blame…

Invasion of Alien Journal Entries

Cause of financial woes determined

Beware...Journal Entries have invaded and taken control of planet earth. These nasty aliens have seized our banks, governments and economies. We live in fear of where they may strike next.

Will they create more fiat money? Will they write down sovereign debts?   Or worse, eat up the sturdy capital of formidable Banks. Yes, much evil and harm maybe attributed to these creatures of the night. Their off springs are write downs that affect all aspects of commerce and economy. None are spared, crossing through their double entry caverns.

Journal Entries are clearly the perpetrators of the banking crisis, and their elimination warrants serious consideration at all levels, if we are to return to stability.

Or else a brave new super hero with GS tattooed on their chest may save the day? Hmmm... Let's have a look at those entries again! 

First Financial Insights Inc.
Toronto ON
September 9, 2011


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