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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Geo-Political Ambush


Geo-Political Ambush!

Ike Was Right. Who Listened?

The following is an exchange with a colleague that brings to bear the present predicament and conundrum that is faced by America and its Military Industrial Complex.  This is a damned if you do or damned if you don’t situation, caused by a need to preserve the safety of the seaways and free flow of goods and NNRs among nations. We are not taking sides here, but it is remarkable the number of forewarnings that occurred over the years forecasting the dangers and perils of the present situation. For whatever reasons we even fail when it comes to listening and appreciating the deep wisdom of our great forbearers.


November 26, 2011

Dear Sirs

The “US military paradox” is interesting indeed. We say that we hate wars and US imperialism; yet in the absence of US imperialism we would not have access to the mix and levels of (foreign) NNRs (Non Renewable Natural Resources) that enable our American way of life.

Very few Americans understand this basic fact…


PS. Unfortunately, the folks who are funding our military—the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Persian Gulf States, etc.—are also our competitors for these increasingly scarce NNRs—another “twist” to the paradox!

FFI Observations of  the American Military Paradox

Washington and Ike did. Ike in fact reminded America in his last speech in office. No one listened? Indeed Washington's similar warning, I understand, is read at the opening of each session of the Congress No one listens?  

Ike's original speech actually referred to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. He acceded to strong advice and removed "Congressional" from the speech. Interpret that at your leisure. It is ironic and shocking beyond words that two of the Nation's wisest and greatest leaders’ most salient words have been simply ignored. Both men forewarned of the peril, but the forearming was paradoxical.

The current budget battle is a further reflection of this ongoing violation of Presidential wisdom. Military needs may displace the social safety nets of the people. This will no doubt raise the levels and possibilities for social decay and unrest. The final chapter looks to read as Ike predicted - Democracy Lost.

May I add a further twist to the geo-political chess game that Russia, China and others may be playing with America either deliberately or inadvertently? They all know that they cannot take the US on directly. They know that America and its military are operating from ego and related addictions to NNR’s and such.. So they are entrapping the US into a "rock bottom situation' whereby American social unrest and decay will undermine their "perceived geo-political adversary".

This is a clever and patient strategy that is perhaps being executed with considered discipline over decades. We should never be naive to their exceptional will and competence. Never.

They also have no problem financing and letting the US act as the world's police force as it saves them from their own domestic political problems that would arise when their young people are lost in distant and foreign wars. It saves resources for domestic affairs as well. Smart.

The US is more than happy to take on this police (or junky?) role for assured supplies of NNR's even though it will ultimately never be able to repay its creditors' claims with equivalent concretes at a future date. To me, this looks like a complex geo-political ambush that the US is blindly marching into without a one-eyed man. And America may not be able to defend itself with its arsenal of sophisticated weapons as the enemy would be from within - as planned.

Such are our Times...

First Financial Insights Inc
Toronto, ON
November 28, 2011