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Friday, April 26, 2013



"journeying to co-existing realities"

Less than two years ago we started this blog with the view to bringing forward a new economic thesis based on the existential realities of human enterprise.  This thesis, put simply, declares that economics  must embrace science; and most particularly the hard constraints of physics and exponential mathematics, if  it is to be useful to serving  purposes related  to human-existence's  longevity on this planet. Moreover, that the operative neo-classical thesis with its pervasive bias towards unbridled growth, is not only physically and mathematically insane - it leads and promotes the premature extinction of our species.  

From a trickle of a just few hundred page-views a month, we have grown to thousands of visitors monthly from all parts of the world. Our reach has been diverse and popular in countries such as; Russia, India, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and many more. Why? First, around the world there is an intuitive concern that the growing economic maladies are no longer possible to resolve using the beliefs and devices of conventional economics. Our global systems are stressed by overpopulation, climatic chaos, bio-diversity abuses, and looming shortages of the elements critical to on-going human enterprise. For the most part, conventional economics ignores these concerns and waits for an "invisible hand" to provide its mystical cures. We believe this approach is foolish and utter nonsense.

Second, we have integrated and included the thoughts and works of others who also recognize  and  deeply understand the critical nature of the crossroad that we now face. Special thanks goes to Al Bartlett, Chris Clugston, Dave Gardner, Tim Miller, Fred Palme, Steve Salmony, Jack Albert and Brian Bloom, who amoung many others, have made contributions to these efforts in a variety of ways. To all, we express our warmest gratitude. 

Thirdly, we aimed to use as many technically available ways and means of communicating to readers, viewers and listeners, in order to provide a richer and more credible experience. Study regarding Nauru, is a good example of going beyond the written word,  with actual photography and videos to substantiate facts, analysis, reasoning and conclusions. Through-out light touches of humour and juxtaposition were added for perspective, fun and entertainment  .  

To-date we have published nearly two hundred posts on both of our sites. Some have been popular for their content, others for their investment views, and still others for their  entertainment value. At times, posts generate surprising traffic volumes. 

We recognize that when you arrive at a site, you don't have the time to run through its archives to find the best or relevant pieces. So, to help in this regard, we put together this list of top posts from the past two years, based on content, theme and popularity. This was actually a much more difficult task than expected, as a number of our favourite posts are not included. Oh well, perhaps next year.

Without further dithering here's our list. Hoping you find it helpful and a valauble basis for considering this final thought about overpopulation, unbridled economic growth, and its consequences. "All other things being equal, if we reduce  our human population from seven to one billion, we would then in theory, mathematically extend its expected existence or longevity by seven fold. 

What should we do? What would the Doctor order? 

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March 15, 2013