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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why Care? - Humanity's Final Hours...

Why Care?

Humanity’s Final Hours...

Good Evening,

Recently, in an open forum of scientists, economists, academics and other professionals, most of whom are pretty much resigned to the idea that the outlook for the human species is not that good, an important question was raised. Some strongly  believe that extinction is just around the corner; there is about a 50-50 chance; at best, that only a few of us will be remaining by the turn of this century. 

For certain. it is hard to combat their arguments, as we face climate change, peak oil, mineral scarcity, financial and biodiversity collapse and many other threats. One "Black Swan" could be lurking anywhere in our midst. Furthermore, as you should know by now, Stephen Hawking sits on a recently formed study group, charged with planning for end-of-days-events. So given the apparent certainty of matters, it is almost a natural outcome as we struggle against seemingly impossible odds that this question comes to bear - WHY CARE?

Below is a copy of my answer to this question. Looking back on it a few days later, it is a sort of a fuller version of Yogi Berra's famous quote "it ain't over, ' til its over". However, this is no game - the consequences of what may lie ahead defies any and all imaginations. We would also be happy to hear your thoughts in this regard, either by way of email or comments to this post. 

Either way, we will share these responses with readers for the  sake of the unyielding responsibilities that we share to the future generations of our kind. 

Of Kind Regards
September 29, 2013

Comments of September 27, 2013

Personally, I just look into the eyes of children. That is all the poetry of reasons one needs. Power may corrupt, but poetry does cleanse. (JFK)

Otherwise, clinically for the most part I would concur with Steve, save that nothing or anything is assured, but many unknowns are possible. If we know so much, how come we didn't know how to avoid our current predicament?  Hence, what do we really know?

I would also subscribe to the thrust of Paul Chefurka's views in his recent article, "Paradise Lost" , insofar as we are tied in action and thought to the laws of the universe; as we understand them, and most particularly, the Second Law of Thermodynamics; that in turn creates our energy-seeking hunger. However, there are are even issues regarding the Laws of Thermodynamics that remain unresolved, as we do not know what laws and conditions gave rise to their existence in the first place. An then even those conditions undoubtedly would also being following a set of instructions that are embedded in existence, yet so far, remain beyond our knowledge, devices and discovery. Perhaps ole Socrates had a little insight into quantum physics, as well? 

Referring back to Paradise Lost, my closing thoughts with regard  to all this are recorded as follows:

"Hence in our last analysis, it as certain as it gets that we cannot defeat eternity, but that in itself should not dissuade us from seeking to optimize our entropic relationship with the universe in pursuit of a longer path. Too many things could happen along the way"


"Attitude is  a little thing.
But it makes a big difference"  - W Churchill

CEO and Founder
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September 27, 2013 

So many reasons...