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Sunday, March 16, 2014

ECONOMISTS - High Priests of Another Permian Extinction?

 High Priests of Another Permian Extinction?


 "When it's over - it's simply over"

Here is a brief commentary regarding "The State of (Physical) Economics"posted to an Austrian Economics Forum today. There is no denying that the Accepted Economic  Thesis played a leading role in bringing us to the current stage of these times and conditions. A performance  that may now be beyond the reach  of any form of human mitigation.   

While ultimate extinction is an obvious functional outcome of combined mathematical and physical rules and constraints,  there was no need , as scientific evidence indicates, to push us rapidly towards the time where we might confront the analogous events that triggered the historical Permian  extinction, of a mere 250 million years ago, just because the so-called High-Economic Priests decided  to arbitrarily ignore these existential laws. So the accelerating  inertia that was thus set , by them , pervasively guides our travels prematurely to the hands of eternity's abyss. Now who faces the outcomes and experiences of its "invisible genocide," created by such a self-inflicted cognitive  dissonance? Well, by certain scientific  accounts,this "who" may irreversibly and actually be occurring sooner; rather than later, as is generally expected by many.


And yet, still even today our brightest and best minds ignore or fight these combining facts and laws of climate, natural and physical science,  whose related mathematics all act to form clear limits and logical results for physical economics. But rather, they choose the road of insane abstractions  and assertions regarding some infinite positive-sum-game of metrics and activity that "only exists" in the stories that they collectively tell in what are supposedly our hallowed halls of highest thought and education. Is all this again some sort of fog  - The Fog of Economics? .

So if  just a handful  of  simple words;  in a few humble sentences ,can understand  this complex predicament that we face together  - then why can't they?  Or perhaps, better yet - why can't we? 

In the end; no matter what ,we should vigilantly remember that: reality bats last - and there will be NO EXTRA innings. Because Yogi ..."when it's over - it's simply over!"

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March 16 2014
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250 Million Year Old Existential Reality

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