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Sunday, June 15, 2014

#Chomsky Hegemony or Survival: Beyond #American Interests

Hegemony or Survival: How's About - Who's Zooming Whom?

Noam Chomsky is right about one thing: "Question Everything"

By T A McNeil

To start, the global hegemonists are not the American elite per se, but a loosely knitted group around the planet that control various forms of government , theologies, institutions and combinations thereof. They care little for the ideology under which they operate as they are essentially a conceptual power tool(s) used to suppress and control the masses. That's why when the Animal Farm changes its colours, stripes or flag;  nothing really ever changes. Right now, the US is acting as the global police force for this group; not by choice of the American people, but by the shifting historical powers within the elite global hegemony.

What I find both fascinating and disturbing is that Chomsky rarely makes reference to these inter-connected oligarchs or Masters of Earth , but rather sees the hegemony as the US alone. I believe this to be a distraction, or possibly at worst, a deliberate fabrication, as the preponderance of evidence indicates that a "Cyber-Hegemony" exists with little regard for sovereignty, theology, or any other forms of conjured  ideology.

It is an entity onto to its own, empty of any human virtue, concept or loyalty; having only one interest in mind and purpose - "It's Self-Interest". And in this effort through its clever use of various conceptual, physical and communication devices it has fooled  nearly everyone on the planet - perhaps even our good friend from MIT himself .

Imagine that!

So why do I think that Chomsky may possible be part of the " The Big Lie," inadvertently or otherwise? Watch this video, and there is  little indication that he is taking into account the vast number of hard issues being imposed by the planetary resource constraints, climate chaos, imminent financial collapse and overpopulation. There is an attitude of "business as usual," particularly with comments surrounding  "Saudi America" that are shocking and unbelievably misguided, in so many ways.

Even if it were true - So What? When the rest of planet has little or no oil -  do you think that doesn't have implications? For one, there are still thousand of nuclear weapons all over the world. The collective royal "WE" will have a huge problem. Who's zooming whom?

In the end words may only take us so far. And linguistics alone cannot provide the deeper integrated thinking and scientific models needed to overcome the complexities of our species. Care must be taken regarding the professing of celebrities; even those of the academic ilk. For as they too: may at times, step beyond the reach of their field of study. However, this by no means should discount the great value of their wisdom or teachings in the subjects they know so well - IMO.

Ironically, as Noam says, "Question Everything"

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June 15, 2014 

Truth, Distraction, Naivete Or Utter Fabrication? 


That's for you to decide!!!