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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nouriel Roubini, Peter Kinesa, Jim Rogers, Nassim Taleb...

Investors' Insights:
Week Ending December 1, 2012 

"Investors' Insights"


There is a good reason for this - they are not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer. In fact, once there was a village in Texas missing a idiot..Some things we should never forget.

FirstFinancial Insights
November 30, 2012

Sure I can spell it!

Nouriel Roubini Blog: A EU Of Regions? Not Likely.:

Nassim Taleb idea of Anti-Fragile implies that a EU of regions would work better than a EU of nations. But fat chance of this happening. - i...

Nassim is partly right - the EU needs to say we "whoops" we made a huge mistake; completely break-up, restrict immigration, stop subsidizing Germany and let each country take advantage of its comparative strengths - something that was once called "free markets"

But as Nouriel says, " Fat Chance"

First Financial Insights
November 29, 2012

That's Italy! There's Spain! And Greece is the back...

Jim Rogers: We Will have Wars

Jimmy what's up with the war-mongering.? It is just not about wars ... its about BIG wars when the tensions amoung great powers reach a zenith. The American Imperial Empire will fall like all the others due to geo-economic overreach, but there may not be a country standing in the wings to take their place. Why? Because the curtains will be closed.

First Financial Insights
November 29,2012

What type of WAR?

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We hear Glen Beck is Peter's Advisor; Ha! Anyway a word to the wise: when Schiff, Rogers, Faber and Glenn Beck are all recommending Asia it is time to move on - or else you can buy what they are  selling. If you know what I mean...

First Financial Insights
November 28,2012 
Sorry you guys are upset -

We do not share Marc' s enthusiasm for China, Asia and emerging markets for reasons related to future scarcity of resources and related transportation costs that will make these places unsuitable investments longer-term. Moreover, China is a meta socio-economic-political  powder keg - it will collapse in the not too distant future. Be ready for that landscape.

Oh yeah; our bets are on sophisticated, low population, resource laden economies and those who have the Biggest Guns: Russia, Canada, Australia, and America. Good luck to the rest...

First Financial Insights
November 28,2012

China Rising?

"In 2013, downside risks to global growth will be exacerbated by the spread of fiscal austerity to most advanced economies." - in Project Sy...

You can tell that the neo-classical economists really have no clue about what makes things work. The economies that are failing and will continue to; is  because they have no inputs for producing outputs of value. Many are running out of gas - others, just running out of stuff. Abractionists - go figure?

Watch them scratch their heads when China and Japan start their respective downward spirals - again without physical inputs; outcomes are highly predictable.

First Financial Insights
November 27, 2012

Economist or Madman?

 Well at least it has stars!

This is a right-wing American blog that is a good source of incredulous and inaccurate information. Very reassuring

Actually, Bill Gross estimates total US government debt at well over $100 trillion, which is almost equal to the value of the World's probable oil reserves. Ouch! How do you pay it off? You don't - and you can now see where our problems begin.

First Financial Insights
November 27, 2012

Indeed Professor -

In case you don't understand what Marc is saying - GDP numbers are meaningless measures of just about everything. Hey, what did expect from madmen?

First Financial Insights
November 27, 2012

Jim Rogers: Both English and Mandarin will be important in the 21st century

Jimmy is forever the optimist. That's a good thing, most of the time. But China is ripe for another cultural revolution, where the human costs could exceed the 60 to 80 million lives lost during the last cleansing. Jim's blind faith in such regimes stirs the hearts of those who contrarily pursue dignity, justice and freedom for the many. Hearts passionately set against these inconceivable human atrocities. In short - The Good Guys! 

So forget about China and Mandarin, as it operates against the foundations of the sensibilities defining humanity. CHINA IS DOOMED. And America's Walmart (A. K. A  ChinaMart) will need to find another impoverished and subjugated people to exploit: governed by genocidal goons. Just good business?

First Financial Insights 
November 26, 2012

How's about Russian?