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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Paul Krugman, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Nouriel Roubini

Investors' Insights:
Week Ending December 15, 2012 

"Investors' Insights"

2012 Heavyweight Fight
Faber vs Krugman

Dr Peter G Kinesa : HBO LIVE: #FABER vs #KRUGMAN 2012 Heavyweight T...: Marc Faber: Paul Krugman Should Go & Live In North Korea The gloves are off - and the promoters are lining up for the biggest fight ever ...

This should prove to be one of the most exciting heavyweight battles in decades. Fans are so excited that tickets were sold out in a couple of hours. However you can still watch it LIVE on HBO.

This is fun, yet all jokes reveal serious matters. See ya there!

First Financial Insights
December 15, 2012

North Korea? Really? Too funny - we just do not know if we should laugh or cry about this implied advice? Certainly, Mr Rogers must regret these remarks in view of recent events, Then again; never mind recent events, how about the on-going atrocities of this evil blood-drenched regime. Oh well, why should anyone believe in moral capitalism when there is a buck to be made? Ask any mercenary...

Well Jim I guess we know what side you' re on and who you expect to win the inevitable confrontation. Gotta love geo-political investing.

Any other bets?

First Financial Insights
December 14, 2012

"One Should Only Invest (Bet) in Winners"

Marc Faber : In a Negative Real Interest Environment Some Assets could go Ballistic on the upside Think about what this means in a practical...

Paul Krugman calls this predicament a "liquidity trap". Often we stated that the mathematics also creates a "valuation trap". Then adding them both together creates a "reality trap" - the breach of the physical imbalance between abstractionists' and existentialists' theories leading to economic collapse. 
Or you could say, the pie just got too small to support the population and its unbridled appetite to produce and consume the resources of a finite planet.

That's not philosophy... it's science!

First Financial Insights
December 13, 2012

That's not a banana...

"To keep Greece in the euro zone, effectively you need a transfer union, you have to realize that the problems of Greece are long-term, it’s ..."

It never ceases to amaze us how classical economists ignore reality and rely on abstracts - to fix what are very real physical economic problems. Now, to uphold the integrity of their craft they suggest ideas that will take 10 to 20 years to (sic) succeed. So we have to wait 20 years to see if they are right or not?

Whereas Greece's problems will never be fixed as the physical economic geography has a smell of Nauru too it. So a return to a smaller population that lives off of farming and fishing is inevitable.

First Financial Insights
December, 12, 2012

Greek fishing business catches Nauru?

By: Eric Sprott & David Baker The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is an exclusive and somewhat mysterious entity that issues bank...

One can only wonder if we ever truly leave our childhood fantasies behind? Central Bankers provide much evidence that many of us continue to hold on to these fantasies, despite the preponderance of science and evidence to the contrary. Blame it on group think? Politics? Denial? Or a host of other factors - the reality is that Central Bankers need to come to grips with scientific and mathematical constraints; otherwise, they are going to be waiting an awfully long time, for the Jolly Fella to arrive.

At the same time, we should also remind them - there is no Tooth Fairy!   

First Financial Insights
December 11, 2012

Are they still waiting? 

Finance Documentaries: Super Rich: The Greed Game : The luxurious lifestyle of those at the top of the world of finance inspires awe, disgu...

Greed in many forms, has it consequences - are those who have benefited from the economic doctrines that asserted that growth was the panacea, now facing the portrait of Dorian Grey? 

We are afraid to find out...

First Financial Insights
December 11,2012

An Economic Portrait?