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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jack Nicholson, Peter Kinesa, Marc Faber, Peter Schiff

Investors' Insights:
Week Ending January 12, 2013 

"Investors' Insights"

Marc Faber : The US Dollar is a very very Sick Currency

Marc is still a master of understatements as the greenback is approaching the terminal stage - that's not good for anyone on the planet. It is also highly unlikely that any abstractionist voodoo by the FED can prevent this patient from flat-lining. The big short money is sure to be made on the long US bonds, as investors head for the gates, if rates are not increased relative to real risk. The salad days for the US are coming to an abrupt close.

And remember when interest rates rise it will also impact the cap factor on stocks, regardless of earnings, setting the stage for carnage in equities as well.

Watch the video here. Peter we believe is right this time; the Canadian dollar and assets are good safe harbours under these conditions. Expect all precious metals to spike under a dollar collapse, as it will simply take more dollars to buy all these commodities. And even oil prices should be affected.

Meaning too, that inflation should begin to rear its ugly head sending the economy back into a tailspin.

Specific stocks to watch out for, will be Apple, Goldman Sachs ,AIG and all the Big US banks, when the lid pops off this pressure cooker.

Can anyone pull a rabbit out of the hat? Unlikely, this time

Enjoy your weekend - and  Monday morning coffee!

First Financial Insights

January 11, 2012 
4.00 pm EST

Please, just one more time...



First Financial Insights
January 9, 2013

Energy charts of the day

Read this from the above linked article:

The Bakken development in North Dakota should be an example for the nation, indicating what could be accomplished with the right energy policies to decrease unemployment, raise government revenues, increase per capita income, decrease poverty, and help produce the nation’s major energy source.
So far, the hydraulic fracturing revolution that has created these positive economic developments is largely confined to production on private and state lands, due to governmental policies reducing opportunities on federal lands and a punitive federal regulatory environment. Even though there are massive shale oil and oil shale resources on federal lands, federal policies are choking off any production increases. Here’s one illustrious example: it takes the federal government 307 days to process a permit to drill, but it only takes North Dakota 10 days (see chart below).
And then it leads us to extinction at an increasingly more rapid rate, so we will not have to worry about having the right energy policies ever again. Ever.

Define insanity?

Dr Peter G Kinesa
January 9, 2013 

"Guys,  I call it a Hydraulic  Fracturing Revolution"

Marc Faber : 2013 will not be a favorable year for holders of Assets

Marc just 2013? Do you mean sell everything? If that is the case we could not agree more. For three BIG  reasons that have many sub-components we can list. First, the obvious mathematical debacle caused when an interest rate rise would contract asset values by 30% or more. Second as resources shrink globally and populations grow, then currency debasement is epidemic - unless we find another planet real soon. Third, there just isn't a lot of upside anywhere that can justify the return for the risk- where are the flying cars?

So, let's face it the prospects for the next 10? 20? or even 50 years do not look so good when the mathematical and physical resource constraints and limits are so clearly stacked against the investor.

That means investors should buy those flying cars that travel to other planets after they sell all their earthly assets.

Is that what Marc's really saying? Or simply -sell everything?

First Financial Insights

January 9, 2013

Anyone know where we are going?

Jim Rogers - 2013 Will Be a Disaster

You have to be kidding Jim? Just 2013? This is the Great Bear Market that occurs just before... well, you know.
Get your shorts out, but this is going to be a hot one to worry about for years to come...

First Financial Insights
January 8, 2013

My advice is...

A recent poll of likely voters conducted by Fox News in the weeks before the election, revealed that 41% of respondents identified "rising p...

Investment Rule Number One: 

Never, ever, ever, believe any government's CPI number. First, have you ever met an honest politician? Now go one step further and give politicians some influence over numbers that affect their dubious careers - and you will get the picture?

Add into this the many arbitrary assumptions regarding the basket of goods, then even its conceptual basis lacks the scientific rigor one would expect from such a definitive. Moreover, keeping the CPI low stays any increases in rates that would sink asset values and bring on a credit crunch, depression and much social unrest. So never has this number been this  critical to politicians, bankers, pensions and other similar interests. 

Many more conceptual flaws could be mentioned about the wonkiest number of our times, but they are better left to a fuller discourse. One thing is for sure, the real CPI is running closer to 7%  - just go to your grocery store.

First Financial Insights
January 7, 2013

Politicians: Would you trust this man with your CPI?

A Federal Reserve Rally or a Bozo-the-Clown Rally? First, this tacit endorsement of pouring more money into the markets is off-the-wall.

Smart investors know that any slight uptick in rates will trigger a huge debasement in asset values. So - Get Out Now!

First Financial Insights
January 6, 2013

This Is My Rally Folks...