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Friday, March 11, 2016

EYE on the World - WHAT a Week, China, Hong Kong, Bonds, Japan, Greece, and...

WHAT a Week!

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 Chinese Exports #Meltdown by 25.4% YOY 


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China’s export slump deepened in February, highlighting the challenge for policy makers seeking to keep the economy humming at home while trade acts as a brake on growth. 
The week-long Chinese new year holidays fell in February this year, closing factories and curbing shipments. That saw exports tumble 25.4 percent in U.S. dollar terms from a year earlier, the biggest decline since May 2009. Imports extended a streak of declines to 16 months, slumping 13.8 percent, leaving a trade surplus of $32.6 billion. 
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Bond Yields Sinking to Crazy New Lows

Government bond yields in Japan on Tuesday fell to record lows, and the ripple effect pushed down yields in the U.S., Germany and the U.K.
Strong auction demand for a 30-year Japanese government bond sent investors piling into bonds. The buying sent the yield on the benchmark U.S. 10-year note below 1.9% again and stalled the yield’s uptick momentum over the past month. As bond prices rise, yields fall. 

Hong Kong YOY Home Sales Meltdown, UNREAL 70%

The End of Good Times  

"Home prices in the city surged 370 percent from their 2003 trough through the September peak, spurred by low mortgage rates, tight supply of new units and buying from mainland Chinese. This year, BOCOM International Holdings Co. property analyst Alfred Lau has said prices could fall 30 percent amid a slowdown."

 Optimism Over Climate Change Progress Premature?


These are just a few of the possible facts out there that contradict Al Gore's assertions that we are somehow making progress. Have the icecaps stopped melting? Just saying we are reducing  carbon emissions 

​or made a bunch more solar cells  and so on,  ​
should not give anyone 
​real ​
comfort.  The state  and trends for all positive 
​climate ​
feedbacks loops needs to be identified  and monitored, 
otherwise we have no comprehensive idea as to what 
​the true ​
​trends and ​
state  the climate system is 
​- ​
along with the other integral biosphere systems that affect it.
​ ​

Let's be real and remember too that Al Gore is also a long-term politician who by the 

very nature of their roles often mislead, exaggerate and cloud the truth. Awareness of  these occupational hazards and habits alone speaks volumes , particularly as there is much  contrary evidence that the  comprehensive climate system is not improving.

 sum, ​
it all sounds like more of the same ole political snake oil, so...​

We're just not buying  it!

Reality Check: Saudi Arabia is Going Broke!

Road to Poor House?

"All the Saudis have done is create an existential crisis for  themselves.

If the Saudis don’t stop flooding the market—and there are no signs they will—they won’t be

 shooting themselves in the foot… but in the head. Saudi Arabia will either collapse or surrender—and stop flooding the market.

Either way, oil will eventually go a lot higher." 

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